47 Days to BFSC Opening — Clean Up / Fix Up Day April 20…

There are just 47 days until the “real” start to summer — Opening Day at BFSC.

Our first Clean Up / Fix Up will be Saturday, April 20th from 8 AM-4 PM.

We’ll be joined by students and alumni of Saint Joseph’s University who are participating in Global Community Day.

Come help make the most of their help in tackling a number of projects.

We will be doing physical work including, but not limited to:

  • Digging up, relocating and reinstalling a 14’ wide, 6’ high chain link gate.
  • Preparing floors of changing rooms for painting.
  • Raking and hauling leaves and sticks.
  • Planting flower beds.
  • Raking and spreading river pebbles.
  • Painting parking lot lines.
  • Cleaning and painting the shuffleboard court.
  • Thoroughly cleaning the Snack Bar kitchen.
  • Grinding off rust, priming and painting two lifeguard stands.

Don’t see the project you wanted to do? That’s okay — contact a Board Member to volunteer.